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1. CCM what does it stand for?

CCM has dual meaning
a. Coach COT Method (COT is the first 3 letters of the developer Rich Cotterill’s surname).
b. Coach Combat Orientated Training (COT) Method

2. What is CCM

CCM is a METHOD that is based on understanding human movement, and how to leverage that movement in combative terms when faced with physical confrontation / fight situation when “flight” is not an option. It is a stripped down simple method to understand the needed biomechanical and neuromusculoskeletal responses on 3 levels
• Theory
• Practical Application
• Learning to teach others (in a way that facilitates true duality of student and coach interdependency with elevated information retention and how to better develop oneself)

In itself the method is about creating greater combative efficiency and performance using the “engine” in the fight, it utilises a simple schematic, set of concepts and a unique coaching approach. It should be thought of as the forerunner to your chosen fighting system.




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